A 501(c)3 not for profit organization offering Free Workshops, Programs and Support Groups in the Collegeville Area to Empower Youth and Adults to lead happy, confident, courageous and healthy lives by learning resilience and coping skills for daily life. 

Pillars of Light and Love

Pillars of Light and Love

Pillars of Light and Love is a 501 c(3) Non-Profit Organization.
Phone: 484-854-1162

The Empowering U Center
511 W. Main St, Suite 200, Trappe, PA 19426   

Is there someone you would like to honor in a special way? Pillars of Light and Love invites you to make donations in memory of, or in celebration of, family members or friends who deserve special recognition. Perhaps you or a loved one had a special place in their heart for Veterans, those with Special Needs, Cancer or MS patients, those with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Depression, Addiction Anxiety, or other serious illnesses. Your donation will help us offer free Anxiety, PTSD, and Pain Relief services to those affected by a variety of issues. 

Memorial and tribute gifts are ideal for celebrating a birthday, holiday or special event, as well as commemorating the passing of a loved one, friend, or colleague. Your gift is a tangible expression of your love and friendship. It is a living tribute to your loved one through the charitable works of Pillars of Light and Love. Your gift may be used to help bring free programs and workshops to our community or to help provide services like Life Coaching, Grief Management, Anxiety Reduction, and Stress Management to those in need. Your donation is Tax-Deductable, and is an ideal gift for someone you would like to honor in a special way.

To make a gift, please click here Donate or send the person’s name and a check or money order and make payable to:

Pillars of Light and Love
511 W. Main St
Trappe, PA 19426

Call 484-854-1162 or email us at Staff@PillarsofLightandLove.org with the name of your loved one if this is to be a gift in their memory.

If you are making a donation in Celebration or Memory and you would like us to mail a letter to a loved one, please email Staff@PillarsofLightandLove.org with the details of your donation.

Make a Gift in Memory of or in Celebration of a Loved one!