Pillars of Light and Love


Two Shows will be held at the beautiful Shannondell Theater

10000 Shannondell Rd. Audubon, PA

Sundays: February 10th & 24th

Pillars of Light and Love is excited to present our second Julia's Joy Voice Idol Competition Fundraiser. Twenty Contestants will compete in our live shows being held at the beautiful Shannondell Performing Arts Theater. Our first show will be Sunday, February 10th at 2pm where the top 20 will perform. We will announce the top 10 who will compete at the final show on February 24th. At intermission we will announce the top 5 who will then perform 2 additional songs. And the winner will be announced at the end of the Show on February 24th.  

Our goal for all of our Julia's Joy Programs is to empower youth. In this project, our mission is to strengthen confidence, and improve performance skill, in talented youth interested in performing publicly. To improve and strengthen skills, the top 20 Contestants will receive free group vocal and performance coaching from our returning coaches, Carter Ross, a Vocal Teacher, Performer and Julia's Joy Teen Talk Coach, and Vocalist Francesca Venezia, and well as other coaches to be announced. 

Dates for the group coaching for the top 20 Contestants will be held in December and January. Attendance at a minimum of 3 coaching sessions is required which will be held on weekends and a few evenings.   

Contest Guidelines

1. Contest is for ages 11-18. Contestants must be 11 years old by November 18, 2018, and must still be 18 through February 28, 2019. 

2. Contestants must audition live without music or instruments as a single act. Contestant should  prepare 2 songs, no longer than 60 sec.

3. Contestants must be available for all live show dates of February 10th, February 24th and Dress Rehearsal on February 9th. 

4. Songs to be performed must be popular songs heard on the radio. No opera. Showtunes must be well-known and approved in advance.

5. Contestants will not play instruments. Songs for live shows MUST BE no longer than 3:30 minutes. Top 5 contestants will sing a fast and

    a slow song. Judges or Coaches may recommend a list of song choices for each Contestant.

6. Contestants will be judged on a 50 point-based system of 10 categories including voice quality, pitch, stage presence and more.

    All categories will be covered in the free group coaching sessions. 

7. In the event of snow,  performance dates may have to moved.  We will do our best to accommodate all contestants. 

8. Our goal is to have 20 initial Contestants, then the top 10 will perform in the second show, and top 5 in the last hour of second show.

9. There is a $30 entry fee for the top 20 Contestants. 

10. Since this is a Fundraiser, the top 20 Contestants are required to obtain at least one $50 event sponsor. 

11. Tickets for each live show will be $15 per adult, $10 for those under 12. 

​12. Guidelines are subject to change, in which case all Final Contestants will be notified.                                         last updated 10/27/18




*Arianna Gatlin         *Ayva Behm          *Christian Sibel 

   *Eric Damiano         *Genna Heme       *Grace Albertson 

  *Hannah Rasmussen   *Isabelle Rumberger     *Jacob Cayson


*Jae Daniels             *Kathryn McCabe       *Kayla Sparks   

*Lucy Figg        *Olivia Duffy     *Paige Glass       *Payton Fritz

 *Rachel Roth    *Safiya Elbaga    *Saige Bradley    *Shauna Boyle

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