A 501(c)3 not for profit organization offering Free Workshops, Programs and Support Groups in the Collegeville Area to Empower Youth

and Adults to lead happy, confident, courageous and healthy lives by learning resilience and coping skills for daily life. 

Pillars of Light and Love

​At the finale of our first Julia's Joy Voice Idol Competition on February 3, 2018, our Founder, Kathy Opperman, announced our newest fundraising campaign,  "500 People Willing to Help Make a Difference". We are looking for 500 people, or organizations, to make a donation of $100.00 in 2018. This initiative will help our small organization to grow to do more things in the community, and to help us continue to make a difference in the lives of children, teens and adults. ​

Pillars of Light and Love, is a 501 c(3) Non-Profit Organization in Trappe, PA, whose main mission is Stress and Life Management for ages 5 and up.  We believe education will help bring awareness and improve the lives of those experiencing challenges, such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, bullying, addictions, stress disorders, relationship issues, a difficult diagnosis, emotional and physical abuse and more. We also help those who desire to get to the next level in their lives.

We are a small organization with a big heart whose mission is empowering those within our community by giving them the resources needed to lead their best, and most fulfilled lives. When someone approaches our organization with a problem, we do our best to find a solution, whether it is implementing a free educational workshop, establishing a support group, or providing individuals with financial challenges with assistance for stress relief and life management services, such as Life Coaching, Therapeutic Massage, Biofeedback, Talk Therapy, EMDR Therapy, PTSD and anxiety help and more.

Since the Fall of 2015, we have offered over 600 free workshops, support groups and youth programs. In May of 2017, we started our Teen and Tween Empowerment Program called "Julia's Joy" in memory of 14 year-old Spring-Ford freshman, Julia Morath. Julia unfortunately chose suicide as a result of being bullied. Julia was the third local teen suicide in one week in April of 2017. Our Founder was seeking a way to reach teens to let them know we have a safe and non-judgmental place for them to come and was inspired to start "Julia's Joy" to help other teens find their joy in life, when Julia could not. 

We hope you will considering joining our 2018 Campaign by being one of the 500 people were are searching for to help us make a difference in the world!

CLICK HERE to donate online, call us at 484-854-1162 or mail a check payable to Pillars of Light and Love at 511 W. Main Street, Trappe, PA 19426.

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