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Julia Morath


Pillars of Light and Love offers educational workshops and support groups in Phoenixville, Collegeville, and Trappe area. We are located at the Empowering U Center, 511 W Main Street, in Trappe, PA. Donations raised for Pillars Of Light and Love fund many workshops and are used to provide free services at the Empowering U Center, such as Massage, Life Coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique, Myofascial Release, Biodfeedback and other Anxiety and Stress Relief services for those with serious illnesses, Caregivers of Special Needs Children and Adults, as well as Disabled Veterans. These services are also available to the general public. See Practitioners and their services HERE

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For 2018, we are looking for 500 people willing to donate $100 to help us make a difference in the lives of youth and adults. Our mission is to strengthen confidence and self-esteem through workshops, programs and community events. Learn more about our Julia's Joy and  Be Me Kids Programs, as well as search resources for help with stress, anxiety, depression and addiction throughout our website. Kindness Projects, Workshops and support groups can be found on the calendar to the right. To bring a program to your work or community, call us at 484-854-1162. 

Pillars of Light and Love is a non-profit launched in 2015 by local well-known Realtor, Kathy Opperman who is also a licensed Registered Nurse and Certified Life Coach. The main focus of the non-profit is Stress and Life Management for all ages. Our goal is to teach children, teens and adults to reduce stress, have strong self-esteem, overcome anxiety and depression, build confidence, and achieve better coping techniques, positive communication skills, kindness and healthy relationships.  

We believe education will help bring awareness and improve the lives of those facing challenges, such as depression, eating disorders, bullying, addictions, stress disorders, relationship issues, a difficult diagnosis, or emotional and physical abuse. 

Kathy Opperman and staff are available to do off-site workshops and assemblies on Stress Management, Kindness, Anti-Bullying, Teen Empowerment  & more. 

In memory of Julia Morath, Pillars of Light and Love has created an Empowerment program for Teens & Tweens called "Julia's Joy". Julia was a fun-loving teen who battled depression and unfortunately chose to escape this life, for she felt she had no other option after an embarrassing cyber bullying incident. A vicious text message robbed her of her self-esteem, and pushed Julia over the edge. Julia's Joy is a program we, and her family, feel confident she would want to bring into the heart of every teen, especially those who feel lost, sad, bullied and alone. In Julia's memory, we created this program to help youth handle the stresses of peer pressure, schoolwork, social  media pressure, and to learn better coping skills to handle daily stresses of today's youth. We want to create a support system and resources to help every teen learn to live life to the fullest and with joy.

LEARN MORE AND REGISTER HERE or click our Workshop Tab for upcoming events

Your donation will help us with marketing materials and maintenance of the program in Julia's name. If you prefer to mail a check, please make it payable to Pillars of Light and Love and mail to 511 W Main St, Trappe PA 19426.

‚ÄčTestimonial: "Thank you for inviting me to Julia's Joy Teen Talk. I don't think I've ever felt more comfortable talking about things from depression and suicide to just laughing at jokes than with Carter. He's so so easy to talk to and is understanding about anything and everything. Julia's Joy is truly making the difference in my life that I needed and I'm forever grateful for the Empowering U Center."

Pillars of Light and Love

A 501(c)3 not for profit organization offering Free Workshops, Programs and Support Groups in the Collegeville Area to Empower Youth

and Adults to lead happy, confident, courageous and healthy lives by learning resilience and coping skills for daily life.